UNO Magazine Guam’s issue of October/November 2011 presented a military theme as a salute to the United States armed forces installation in the island. Our goal was to come up with a magazine that captured the concept without being too obvious and thereby pedestrian.

The cover alone would embody the direction we wanted to take for this specific issue of the magazine. Instead of the knee-jerk decision to have the cover model wear military uniform, albeit with a sexy touch (Uno was a men’s magazine, after all), we decided to feature something that most, if not all, soldiers would recognize at once as something close to their hearts: the pin-up poster. With the model assuming the quintessential pin-up pose and the whole cover background done in khaki brown color, the finished product surely looked like some WWII poster stuck on a barrack’s wall.

Inside the magazine, the military concept was also painstakingly followed, as evinced by the sidebar boxes, which dropped their usual background of diagonal pinstripes in favor of the camouflage designs. The Insider pages were presented as yellowed newspaper clippings, as if readers have discovered a stash of old papers that date back to the war.

This “blast from the past” presentation was also evident in the special feature on the movie Apocalypse Now. Background design for its pages were made to resemble an old guidebook, with creases and smudges characteristic of wear and tear. Its opener occupied a two-page spread and used the actual image of the movie’s poster.

You can browse the full issue here