OFFF 2015 Review

Used to the more ‘niche’ editorial design conferences, this mega-all-in-one event was really something. Not sure what is the official number of attendants, but I believe was over 2,000 creatives from all over Europe (and some other parts of the world)

That the conference was solely in English with no translation service, in a country that is not particularly know for its language skills, either tells you the cosmopolitism degree of the event or that designers are just as happy looking at pictures without getting what is said.. In any case, it was a joy to have it hosted in such an emblematic building, with such an amazing weather. It made it really hard to get back to the rooms after enjoying a cold beer under the sun..

Barcelona is also a great city, and despite the difficulties to find somewhere to stay (this weekend OFFF shared the city with the hordes that came for either the music festival Primavera Sound, an AC/DC gig, or the King’s Cup football final), it is always a joy to walk through the city, finding inspiration everywhere. And inspiration was also what OFFF had to offer through its packed schedule of talks during 3 days.