The 2011 Spanish Film festival in Manila titled “Pelicula/Pelikula” showcased acclaimed films from Spain and Latin America for Pinoy cinephiles to enjoy.

Instituto Cervantes commissioned us to do poster designs to commemorate the event. We started by looking at designs from the previous year’s festival and also from other countries that celebrate similar festivals.

We came up with studies that ranged from using the iconic Spanish film Un Cien Andalou to much recent films, such as Bitiful as reference. We also considered incorporating the Roman numeral X (as it was the tenth edition of the Spanish film festival) and anything that related to film in our designs.

We thought of a composition that featured a scene from one of the films in the festival and merged it with the Manila skyline. There  were quite a few other designs (we even had Dan Matutina do an illustration of the concept of a layered cake represented as a film reel).

Ultimately what was approved was the design that had a super8 camera superimposed over a silhouetted profile with the camera lens serving as the image’s eye. The philosophy behind the design was simple: the creative eye of those who film, as much as of those who watch movies.

We used a combination of red and black as the colors of the design to create a striking appeal against white background, adding to the image of the super8 camera that is in black and white.