This project was taken from the beginning, when there was a proposition to create a Youth Summit around Information and Communication Technologies. Branding was discussed and we came out with the name ‘BYND’ working both as an acronym for Broadband and Youth Networking Dialogues, as well as a ‘catchy’ word that encapsulates the young and fresh feel that the brand should carry. An early pdf of what the brand would become can be found here.

After further work into the program, a series of ‘themes’ were developed. Main challenge was how to portrait the feeling of youth involved in something as new and forward thinking as communication technologies? We came up with the idea of representing it through shots of young people jumping, suspended in the air, with strong colour backgrounds that represent the different themes of the Summit. The image of young people ‘frozen’ in the air captured perfectly well the vibrancy and dynamism of this Summit, and gave us a very strong visual identity for the entire conference. The boldness of this approach was complemented with the use of a typeface as strong as ITC Machine, which remind us of both the youth spirit of college days (similar to typefaces used for Universities worldwide) and stencil / graffiti artists. In this line, thick lines that act as ‘frame’ were added to the main logo, make it work almost like a ‘stamp’ or stencil in different environments.

Because of budget constrains, all images were sourced through stock photography, so there was a hard work in enhancing them digitally to make them look as part of the same campaign. Furthermore, as this came under the UN ‘umbrella’ of events, a special care was taken into keep balance in gender, races, etc. Visuals were then used both in horizontal and vertical layouts, adding an interesting twist at seeing young people not just ‘jumping’ but also ‘levitating’ on the horizontal posters. This was then utilized in social media to engage participants taking pictures of them in the same pose, replicating the posters.

The branding was then developed into a full campaign, with posters, billboards, t-shirts, pins and all sort of collaterals. The entire work was produced in the span of 3 months.