Photography: Chuan Looi from Yipieyaya Studio Hair and make-up: William Yap and Kah Wai from Gold Goh Perfect Point Styling: Cris Yong

A series of proposals that never saw the light. On the top right: the original Vogue cover that inspired the final shot, by John Rawlings

Runner Yuan Yu Fang opened the feature, wrapped into the national flag, setting up the tone from the start. Photography: Allan Casal

For Archer Cheng Chu Sian the idea was to replicate the famous Muhammed Ali cover for Esquire (which was at the same time a take on the the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian). Photography: Allan Casal

For the taekwondo duo the idea came from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon iconography (with the help of an elastic bed and Photoshop) Photography: Howard from Myth Studio

Sailor Kevin Lim had to be arranged last minute, but still we managed to get some props from the gym he was training in. Photography: Allan Casal

Khoo Cailin, who finally made the cover of the issue, took the alluring side of the feature, in a straightforward shot on the training pool. Photography: Chai from Yipieyaya Studio

For swimmer Daniel Bego we hired underwater equipment and took this unusual shot of him. Photography: Chuan Looi from Yipieyaya Studio

but that wasn't the first idea, as can be seen here... Not everything works as we expected.

Photography: Allan Casal

'Dirty Harry' was the them for shooter Hasli Izwan (and no, that's not the gun he uses in his training) Photography: Chai from Yipieyaya Studio

‘Olympics’ Art Direction

Art Direction, Case Study, Editorial Design

One of the most exciting things from working in magazines is no doubt being able to surround yourself with a talented team of people and unleash your imagination creating eye-grabbing visual stories. A good example is this story created to feature the team of athletes representing Malaysia in the Beijing Olympics. Rather than falling into typical sport portraiture, we challenged ourselves to bring something more into the picture, to surprise and engage our readers. The result was a series of profiles that didn’t went unnoticed in the Malaysian publishing market at that time.