Whose was the first-ever voice on radio? postcard

"How could more lives have been saved on the Titanic?" postcard

"How far away are you from a satellite?" postcard

"What if computers had appeared a hundred years earlier?" postcard

"How did you get sports results from the ancient Olympic Games?" postcard

"Where the first internet website was hosted?" postcard

"How fast could you send a message in Napoleon times?" postcard

Complete set of postcards

ICT Discovery Cards campaign

Art Direction, Editorial Design, Identity

ICT Discovery is an information center where school tours come to teach children about the history and relevance of telecommunications and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). To promote it, I envisaged a campaign where through postcards distributed across schools and touristic information centres images with questions would trigger the curiosity of the kids (and adults too). The answer of the question, often surprising, was written at the back of the postcard.