Cover of the redesigned issue

The redesigned simplified) masthead, above, compared to the former one

One of the basic concepts introduced was how to handle pages with multiple information entry points, and how to establish visual hierarchy between them.

Trying to 'spice up' straightforward photoshoots.

We also introduced the use of commissioned illustrations

ew typography was set for the redesign.

Gia Dinh

Art Direction, Editorial Design

Vietnam newsstand still faces some challenges, in terms of uneven quality standards among publications. This redesign of a weekly title in Saigon was more a workshop than a redesign exercise per se, as the main objective was to leave the in-house team with the knowledge to replicate the principles added to the design of the publication during its redesign. Changes may seem quite basic for the western eye, but in terms of a small production desk for a weekly title, was quite a challenge and a big achievement.