This is the final cover that we published. The reference to the famous TV series was clear, plus the composition and colour also helped the cover to stand out.

Making of the shooting. The original shot from the TV series, framed.

Photographer trying very hard to get the right angle.

Attention to detail by a very dedicated team.

he protagonists of the feature were not, as most of our subjects, real models. Therefore made it harder for them to get into the character.

A lot of patience is required in a photo shoot. And a lot of convincing, specially when one can't even the imagine the end result once photoshop has played its part.

To add to the theme, the shots taken for the inside feature followed the same theme.

Styling, composition and attention to detail take their part in this kind of shots where everything has been pre-staged.

‘Expatriate Housewives’ Art Direction

Art Direction, Case Study, Editorial Design

How to illustrate a feature that talks about the espouses of expatriates that follow them to Malaysia, where they won’t be allowed to work? maybe was just because it was a nice play with words, but making our ‘expatriate housewives’ look like ‘desperate housewives’ ended up, apart from quite a bit of fun, an instant eye-grabber in the newstands. A good example on how nothing, not even copying Hollywood style shoots with no budget, is impossible with a little bit of imagination